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I would like to acknowledge that I'm blessed and honoured to live, work, play and grow food on the traditional lands of the Squamish Nation.

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Choosing to start therapy can be a difficult decision. Taking the first step to reach out is a brave one. Whether it's anxiety, depression, grief/loss, trauma, substance use, relationship or other life challenges, sometimes we need a bit of an unbiased and compassionate response.
I offer nature based therapy when the weather allows. I live on beautiful land and have a German Shepherd dog who likes to work with me. In the spring and summer, we can wander in the garden and eat fresh veggies (or not). Children in particular like to get their hands dirty.
I've been a Registered Clinical Social Worker for over thirty years, most of it spent working with children, youth and families. My approach is to assist clients in exploring their feelings, thoughts and behavior through play, art and other modalities in order to better cope with life's challenges.
I am not taking new referrals at this time. I appreciate your interest in my service.
  • Gibson, British Columbia, Canada
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I started my career in Texas, then moved to Canada thirty years ago. During that time, I've practiced many ways of providing therapy - solution focused therapy, family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, parent child interaction therapy, Indigenous cultural sensitivity training, critical incident stress debriefing, suicide intervention and so on. It's a long list.  What I've learned is that most people want to be listened to, to learn how to cope with life's stressors, how to help their children/family members and to live a more balanced life.
I believe in providing people with the means of learning skills, how to access resources both external and internal and how to move forward from the challenges that might be leading them to feel stuck. There's no magic in therapy or therapists. Being in nature, humour, sharing a cup of tea, listening to music and stepping away from what stresses you for an hour or so can be the start of a good therapeutic relationship and the healing process. In order to facilitate the journey to better mental health, I believe in using  approaches that focus on connections with family, community, spirituality and nature. For children, that usually means learning to self regulate through play and other forms of self expression. Play and self expression are good for adults too. 

Rhonda Jackman, MSW, RCSW


I received my Masters in Social Work from the University of Texas. During my years as a clinician, my focus has been on children, youth and families. I've worked in crisis response, hospital settings and substance use/mental health settings with a focus on trauma and other mental health concerns. My treatment philosophy is that the client and therapist work together as a team. In the case of children, parents are part of that work. Healing from trauma or other mental health challenge is a journey and a trusting relationship is needed before it can begin. Building that trust can take many forms - humour, empathy, play, art, food, music, nature, and definitely time.

Client Focus

Children 6-10 (younger in close consultation with parent/caregiver only) Pre-teen Youth Young adult Women

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Fees are $120 per session. Payable via e-transfer FNHA and Victim's Compensation are also accepted. Many extended health benefits cover registered social work services. Initial complimentary consultation via phone for 15 minutes. If this is not the correct service for you, alternates will be suggested.